Can I Bring my Own Garments?

Bring you Own Garments

Yes, you can.

If you want to bring your own garments, this is not a problem. We have created some notes to guide you to make the right choice regarding supplying your own garments.

Firstly, we rarely make mistakes when printing, but if we do have mishaps during the decoration process, we ( printers) cannot be held responsible for accidental damage to the garments.

Secondly, all garments must be washed and or unworn, most importantly, clean and fit for printing. Thirdly, all the packaging, cardboard inserts, labels, stickers, etc. must be removed from garments, in other words, this might interfere with the printing processes.

The printing process works best on 100% cotton. Although 50 / 50 Ploy cotton also works well. The challenging materials such as 100% polyester materials often call “high-performance materials” We never quite know how they will respond to the print process, we may ask you to supply a sample shirt to experiment with setting and printing materials.

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