Tips for t-shirt Designers
Author: Simon Burdge

This tip applies to all printed garments especially for restaurants and bars; all printed material has a context.
Let me explain.

The owner of a restaurant or bar comes to me to print their business name onto some garments – so far so good – writing the name of the restaurant onto their uniform marks them out as employees. Then the owner of the business or designer say that the address and telephone number needs to go onto the back of the uniform.
“Why?” I ask.
This address and phone number is relevant for a business card or letterhead, but not for a printed garment in this situation – “context“.  I will point out that if I were in the restaurant, then, I would know the address, and for what reason I do need the phone number, I would catch the waiter’s eye if I need him or her, I would not phone. I can hear you laugh, but this happens regularly. Surely this space on the back of the shirt could be used for some better purpose!