Author: Simon Burdge

A tip for T-shirt Designs for Restaurants and Bars.

Print always has a context.

This story begins with an owner of a restaurant and bar comes to me to print the restaurant name onto some garments – so far so good – writing the name of the restaurant onto their uniform or t-shirts marks them out as employees and develops a hierarchy that can been seen by both customer and other staff.

The Design

I get a call from restaurateur’s designer, he tells me that the owner wants the address and telephone number on the uniform. We amended the artwork as instructed and send it over. I phone the restaurant owner and ask  “Why do you need address and phone number on your uniforms?” I went on to point out that if I were in the restaurant, then, I would know the address, and for what reason wold I need the phone number, I would catch the waiter’s eye or would if I need to phone him or her.


Although this is a humors example there is a context to design, this relevant is understood for a business card or letterhead, but when it comes to printed garments it is forgotten – “context“.  Surely this space on the back of the shirt could be used for some better purpose!