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Child wearing a t-shirt with a name

Think before you print!

Author: Simon Burdge

Putting the name of your child onto his / her t-shirt is an advert to everybody who does not know their name, perfect for customer services, but for a four-year-old who doesn’t understand that all not all adults are friendly.  Over the many years printing t-shirts and such like, I have pointed this out to many parents. The prevalence for putting your name onto t-shirt is growing in fashion, especially on children’s garments. This blog comes under; just because you can, should you.
I remember a parent in my office wanting to put the name of her child onto the back of a t-shirt. I consider it my professional duty to point out the wisdom of this action; I gave this illustration by saying “if a strange can up to your child and said ‘Hi Johnny Mummy said it was okay to come with me’ ” she saw the sense and refrained. Think before you print.