Purchasing Polo shirts?

Author: Simon Burdge

If you are considering when purchasing the cotton or polyester polo shirts that will suit your print or embroidery, you have many types of polo shirts to choose from pique to jersey; there are a more few things to consider.

The Material.

The fabric of the Polo shirts is cotton or polyester. Polyester is added to the garment to prolong its life. Unfortunately, polyester is not biodegradable fabric, and although many manufacturers are beginning to use re-recyclable polyester, it is still not enough. The trend towards 100% polyester sportswear and high-performance garments gives the wearer lightweight clothing and carries away the sweat from the body.
The site below goes into more details about the impact of polyester on the environment:

Polo shirts are jersey or pique both are knitted fabrics. A jersey knit similar to a feel of a t-shirt and the other a pique is a heavily textured and reminiscent to waffle weave, this knit produces small hole or gaps in the fabric is to let in air. Considered by some to be more formal looking thank jersey.

The Level of Care.

This is an easy question to answer, the higher the percentage of cotton, the more care it needs. Cotton garments should be washed at low-temperature with mild detergents and conditioners and ironed when dry to get rid of the creases. Absolutely no tumble drying.

While 100% of a polyester polo shirt capable of looking after themselves. The garment can be washed at a higher temperature and tumble dried or left by a window to air dye.

I would advise the wash all garment at a low temperature with mild detergents to prolong the life of the fabric and the print or embroidery.

The Style.

The form of the polo shirt falls into two categories loss fitting or tailored garments, with long or short sleeves. As a rule, most polo shirts are short sleeved. They are often detailed on the collar either stripes or a self-colour pattern. The placket (opening below the collar) has two or three buttons. Also, contrast fabric is used to highlight the neckline.

The Method of Decoration.

There at the moment only two types of decoration, print or embroidery. Embroidery is seen as longer lasting than print, but my experience and the modern materials there is not a lot in it, as long as the garment is treated with care.  Meaning low-temperature and mild detergents.


When I advise people about polo shirt to buying, I always ask how it is going to be used, is it in front-of-house or a working environment – builders carpenter etc. Then, as a rule, cotton-rich garments would front-of-house and hospitality while polyester would dirty environment and working places.

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