How to come and see us.

We are down in the bay directly opposite the train station on the Bute Street side. Here below are a few ways to come and see us. First is by car the easiest is to park at one of the many Parking meter, but the are some side roads off Bute fore residential park that you might an odd space in the middle of the day, see map below for details.
Next is the train travel once ever 10 minutes from Queens Street, the price is between £2.00- £3.00.
The bus go from Wyndham arcade and Westgate street during the day every few minutes.
You can, of course walk during the summer months I would recommended it. The large avenue of tree along Loyd George Avenue. Journey time about 18 minutes.
Nextbike offers a wide variate of bike station to collect and deposit bikes across the city. Down the App to your smart phone and you are away. 


Where to park?

Parking in the Bay is not easy at the best of times. The simplest way is to buy a ticket for the car parking machine, either on the day or in advance (see link below). The more adventurous drivers could chance their arm and try for a short time to parking in the side roads of Bute Street. An activity not welcome by the residents – you have been warned.   

Buy a ticket online and find out more -> Mipermit website.

Cardiff Bay Train Station

Trains to the bay

There is a train once every few minute to Cardiff Bay Station. There great views of Butetown and Lloyd George Avenue on the way down. Journey time only 5 minute. The office is directly opposite the station.

Link to time table


Buses to the Bay

There is always a bus. The routes served by Cardiff Bus are route 13 and 6 from Wyndham Arcade in St Mary’s Street; also the Route 1 and 2 also pass through the bay and travel around the city in a circle. The bus company, NAT has X8, goes from Westgate Street.

If you need a bus App for your phone is one I use Bus Checker



Walking Bute Street

Walk from the Hayes to Bute Street.

If it is sunny day why not walk from town. 

Route from Hayes to Bute Street.

Next Bike Stand Cardiff

Cycle to the Bay

The bike ride down to the bay is a pleasant way of travelling. There is no need to own a bike, with Next Bike you can rent a bike by the hour. See there website for more details. The smart phone make it very easy to rent a bike. 

Next Bike Website