feminine-shirt for the summer

​Over the last few months, I have noticed the increase of the various garments made for women. The growth has also shown up in our sales – funnily enough – I am not the only one to notice this growth in this marketplace; our trade magazine “Printwear & Promotion” has seen it as well – with an article in May. So I would do the same – for what it is worth – this is my  choice:
JC027 – Girlie cool, smooth workout vest, well-made durable, a great work out and plenty of room to print front and back.

FR503 – A ladies long sleeve blue and white checked, slim fit cut shirt. Comfortable to wear, we have put a small print or embroidery, and it looks heavenly.

M129 An off the shoulder; looks is a temptation. The makes call this shirt “Flash Dance T”. What a feeling…..  for suggesting for dance and fitness exercise. This perfect shirt is from the enchanting year of the Maniac 1983.

TD009 What can I say; as I missed the 60’s by a decade. It is satisfying to see Tie-dye making a comeback – when you would spend lazy days lying in green meadows listening to Pink Floyd and smelling the grass.

Author: Simon Burdge